57 Short Love Tattoo Quotes Designs For Guys That Will Boost Your Relationship Over The Next Years

No matter what’s going on between us or around us, I feel so privileged to have found someone who I can keep falling in love with as our partnership deepens. It’s your special day, but I’m the one who feels like I got the perfect gift, one incredible guy. Get here 57 short love tattoo quotes designs for guys that will boost your relationship over the next years.

57 Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys That Will Boost Your Relationship Over The Next Years

What a lifetime it’s turning out to be for us. I am so happy to have you to love and so lucky that you love me, too. Because for me, every day that we’re together, every day that our hearts hold on to each other, is a better day than the one before. I love you.

Our love is in the little things, like holding each other in bed, and big things like holding each other through life and anything it brings.  Our love is in knowing it all, from smallest quirk to biggest dream, getting through the dramas, and laughing through our joys.

You’re the kind of man who makes a man thank God for putting you in his life. Not just because you’re beautiful and classy (even though you’re all that and more) but because you’re strong in who you are and confident in whose you are.

There’s nothing better than having a husband who respect his wife, loves his wife, and loves the Lord. You are my source of pride and a constant blessing in my life.

You have no idea how amazing you are. You go out of your way to care about others, sharing your strength, wisdom, and love in ways that lift spirits and touch hearts. You’re amazing in all that you are  and in everything that you do. Thank You.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

I knew you would need strength and determination to get you through life’s hard times, joy and confidence to propel you  through your triumphs, and a loving heart to share with those who inspired you. But seeing those qualities revealed fully in the beautiful, phenomenal man that you are today is more rewarding  than I could have ever imagined.

We share the kind of love some people search a lifetime for. There are times when it’s exciting and passionate when we steal a few moments and escape to a private world where nothing exists but the two of us.

There are times when it’s comfortable and familiar, times when you know exactly what I’m thinking before I say it. And, yes, there are times when love is challenging. But even then, it’s still pretty great. That’s why I hope you’ll always remember how glad I am that you’re part of my world how much I love loving you.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

Why is it that sometimes your arms are the only place where I can find peace? Just a smile from you and all the problems of the world suddenly seem unimportant. Why is it that even when life isn’t perfect, I know as long as we’re together, things will turn out okay?

Why is it that out of all the millions of people in the world, I was lucky enough to find the one person who was meant to be my lifetime love? Maybe there are some things that are not meant to be questioned, only cherished like I do you.

 It’s love that makes our world so sweet. It’s love that’s made our lives complete, That’s brought good times, romance, and fun Into each day we’ve shared as one, That’s kept us going through rough weather, Love that keeps this thing together.

When I think of love, I think of you someone who has always given everything and expected nothing in return. Thank you for the hurts you’ve soothed, the dreams you’ve encouraged, and the happiness you’ve brought just by doing what comes naturally to you loving with all your heart.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

Some people manage to inspire others even when facing tough times themselves. You’re one of those special people, and I feel so blessed by your beautiful spirit. Thank You.

You have no idea how amazing you are. You go out of your way to care about others, sharing your strength, wisdom, and love in ways that lift spirits and touch hearts. You’re amazing in all that you are and in everything that you do.

I want you in every way. I want you laughing. Want you quiet and thoughtful. Want you night and day. I want you smiling. Want you up for anything. Want you just as you are. I want you happy. Want you holding me close. Want you right here with me, right now and forever.

 I love the feel of your skin against mine. The comfort of being safe in your arms. The soft sweetness of your kisses on my neck. And the loving goodness that follows. I love the happiness of knowing this life is ours to share together. Our love deserves to be celebrated, Baby. Today and every day.

From the moment we met, my heart told me you were the one I’d been waiting for, the one I would live forever. And my heart was right. I loved you in those early days when we shared our hopes and dreams when we discovered so much about each other.

I’ve loved you as we’ve made a home and created a life together. You’ve been my strength and my comfort, my reason for smiling and laughing and dreaming. With you I’ve learned to listen, to trust, and to forgive.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

A lot has changed since our first kiss, but one thing remains true. Each time I hold you close, my heart still tells me you’re the one, the one I’ll love forever and I know my heart is right.

You’ll still be someone whose voice can make me smile. Someone whose victories can make me cheer. You’ll always have a special place in my thoughts and in my heart.

No matter what’s going on between us or around us, I feel so privileged to have found someone who I can keep falling in love with as our partnership deepens. It’s your special day, but I’m the one who feels like I got the perfect gift, one incredible husband.

Our lives have taken us in so many different directions since we first became friends, and yet every time we talk, we’re as close as ever.  It’s amazing how we can pick up right where we left off as no time has passed at all. We’ve been there for each other through so many good times and bad, with support and sympathy, with laughter and love.

I want to let you know you’re in my prayers. I imagine you may be overwhelmed because you’ve been dealing with so much lately, and maybe you’re wondering how things are ever going to work out. And I just wanted to remind you that although life brings many changes, God’s love for us remains constant.

He’s always there, guiding us through decisions and helping us do the hard things always restoring in us a sense of hope and peace, no matter what we’re facing.

You’re a gift from the Lord, the kind of man who brings life wherever he goes, who brightens up the room and encourages those in it, the one who’s ready with a hug or a smile just when you need it.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

My dream for you is that you make  all your dreams come true.  I know in my heart you can because no matter how many walls spring up in front of you, you find a door and walk on through. My wish for you is that you always feel as loved and celebrated as you are and that this year will be as wonderful as you deserve.

It’s easy to forget just how fragile “normal” life can be. And then something like this happens, and “normal” feels a million miles away. I wish I could make things better for you, and somehow even give you back a little of that everyday life you probably miss. But even though I can’t, I’ll hope it won’t be long until things get better. You mean a lot to me, so I just want to remind you good days will come again, and I’ll be right here until they do.

You’re my fantasy man in every way. And believe me, that’s no exaggeration. You’re the big strong hands, I’ve always wanted to pull me close.  You’re the soft touch, I’ve always dreamed about.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

You’re the self-assured voice I love to hear saying my name, always making me want to give in to your subtle persuasion. You’re my real-world man who’s made my life more fulfilling than fantasies could ever be.

The man of my dreams is solid and strong. He sticks to his values and knows right from wrong. He’s sweet, easygoing, and likes to have fun, but when something needs doing, he gets the job done.

There’s a saying that God never gives us more burdens than we can bear and if that’s true, then God must think you’re very, very strong. But I wish I could always be with you in your good and bad days.

Every time you believed in me I heard, “Be bold. And every time you stepped into the world determined and proud I heard, “Be you.” I can be proudly, boldly, truly me because of everything you are and everything you’ve given me. I love you forever.

In your arms, I find peace and a feeling of home. In your heart, there is kindness like I’ve never known. In your eyes, there is power and great passion, too. In my life, there is joy. There is love. There is you.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

Desire isn’t a strong enough word for what I feel about you. I’m hungry for you, Baby. Everything needs everything. I need your smile, your touch, the scent of your neck, the feel of your skin on mine. I need the whole of you. Because you will always have the whole of me.

 I was meant to walk through this life with you. In the morning when we’re getting ready for the day, there’s no other face I’d rather see. When we’re turning in for the night and my arms wrap perfectly around you I sleep well, knowing my dream is right by my side.

When you came into my life, little did I know I’d met not only my future husband but my best friend. The way you listen and understand with your heart, the way you know my quirks, and how to make me laugh, the way you give me room to be myself and love me for me. Those are the things that have made you the closest friend I’ve ever known and the man I’m so deeply in love with.

You’ve shown me time and again how good life can be when it’s lived in true friendship and love. And for that, I’m grateful. For that, I love you very much.

 When I think of what we have, everything bad becomes smaller, everything good becomes bigger, and everything wonderful becomes possible. No matter what changes we go through, no matter what challenges we have to overcome.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

I want you to know how happy I’ll always be because I’m certain that you and I will always have “you and me.”

 With each kindness, you bring a gift of gladness. With each smile, you bring a gift of joy. And to those around you, you are a gift of love. Not just at Christmas but every day and all year round.

If you ever want to see the love you’ve given away return to you, just look around at the faces of your family. There you’ll find gratitude, respect,  love, and wonder for all the things you do to make life better. See it. Believe it. And never forget how much love there is in so many hearts for the amazing husband, father you are.

How many times have I looked into your eyes and seen nothing but love? In good times and bad, your love is always there. How many times have I held your hand and felt both the thrill of our deep connection and the warmth of our friendship? And how many times have I pulled you close to me, felt your heart beating with mine and thought, “how did I get so lucky?” Maybe a million times. But I’d love a million more.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

I know things aren’t easy for you right now. You may even be wondering how you’re going to deal with everything that’s facing you. But I know you, you have a strong spirit and you have what it takes to get through this. If you ever need to talk, I’ll be here with a listening ear, open arms, and a shoulder to lean on. Hope you know how important you are to me and that I’m here to help.

You tackle everything with love and devotion that is so rare. And I know it can seem like I don’t notice, but I do. I notice all the little things and big things and tough things you do. But even more than that, I see the wonderful, selfless man you are.

Short Love Tattoo Quotes For Guys

How clearly the joy of love brings your hearts such perfect bliss. How tenderly your vows of love are sealed with your forever kiss. How beautiful it is today to witness such a love as this.

When you fall in love, it resembles a new beginning and a good chance to forget about your disappointments and imperfections. It’s another page and whether it will be a glad story or a disaster, relies upon what you will write in it. I need you and me to authors and write an extraordinary romantic story about us.

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Love is the air I breathe. Without you, my dear, I wouldn’t be alive, because you have a bit of my heart, and that is the reason I need you close by my side so much.

Love resembles like a freedom-loving bird since it doesn’t endure control. Love resembles a fish that can without much of a stretch sneak past your fingers if you crush it excessively hard. Love is based on trust and this is the best way to make it solid and loyal. I trust we both will pick along these lines and achieve our satisfaction.

When you are by me, or when we are far apart, You are always the first in my thoughts and in my heart.

Short Tattoo Quotes For Lovely Guys

Every romantic tale is a tale around two individuals who do all that they can to make each other happy. All I need to do is fulfill you for my entire life. What’s more, I truly trust that you need it too.

When I investigate the night sky with a huge number of stars, I remember your eyes, since they shimmer precisely like stars. When I see the sun I recollect you, since you light up my day as well as my life.

Love can be dangerous and imaginative, excruciating, and recuperating. Love can be different to the point that occasionally we can’t comprehend whether it’s affection or something different. Yet, I realize that up to two individuals need to remain together, they will adapt to all difficulties advancing toward satisfaction.

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