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Stylish, cool & fancy font for tattoo generator free tools online for men and girls:- Getting a tattoo is an extremely important decision, which must be carefully considered. Many people want to get a tattoo that represents something meaningful to them, be it a phrase that identifies them, the name of their partner, or their parents, among others. A very important aspect of a tattoo is that it is as attractive and aesthetic as possible.

Therefore, choosing a font or typeface is one of the tasks that takes the longest. Currently, you can choose from a huge variety of different styles. Cursive, block letters, old-style, Disney, machine, graffiti, abstract, other languages, among many others. In order to know which one best suits the desired tattoo style, they must be individually tested one by one with the text to be tattooed.

Fortunately, to simplify this process there are some online platforms where you can use a tattoo font converter to test the different fonts right away. Thus, you can take all the time you need to be able to choose the type of letter desired for your tattoo. Let’s use this tool ‘font for tattoo generator‘ and enjoy it. We have some unique font caligraphy that you may like.

Font For Tattoo Generator

Font Facts

Why people get tattoos?

Decades ago, tattooing was the stuff of criminals – the scum of society. Thieves, murderers, prostitutes, addicts, sailors, and manual laborers of dubious character. Rudimentary doodles, crude drawings, and crooked letters were immortalized in the skins, most of the time without the minimum hygiene condition.

The scenario began to change in 1959, when the Danish Knud Harald Lykke Gregersen set up a professional studio on the edge of the Santos pier, where he used, until then, a tattoo machine. The beauty and personality of the foreigner’s images, Lucky Tatoo, won more and more fans and art on the skin broke the borders of marginality. Today, it has become common to the point that anyone who doesn’t have a tattoo is the exception. The importance of choosing the right font for a tattoo may be a good thing.. But why do people get tattoos?

1. Exorcising

In the past, it was used to exorcise the fear of death (the ritual of physical pain simulates the passage from life to death). Today, however, society denies pain and death. It is possible to resort to the tattoo for exorcizing phobic problems.

2. Psychotherapeutic

Tattooing can have a healing purpose. You can have the belief that acting on the body there is a modification of the mind. Jeffreys (2000) and Martin (1997) state that women who are victims of trauma such as sexual abuse often resort to body mutilation. Victims of sexual abuse have significantly lower self-esteem and have more tattoos.

At the same time, however, abused women who have many tattoos have a level of self-esteem equal to that of subjects without a history of abuse which can be interpreted as the therapeutic use of the tattoo. It is as if women who have been abused are trying to regain possession of their bodies by indelibly marking it.

3. Communicative

The tattoo takes on an affective function, it describes the bonds that want to be lasting and indelible over time like the tattoo itself.

4. Aesthetics

The tattoo is used to beautify the body, cover scars, and blemishes as an alternative to aesthetic medicine (e.g. with plastic surgery the mouth can become larger; the tattoo can enlarge the contour or mark the red line as permanent makeup).

5. Social

Tattoo as a need to belong to a group. Belonging to a group no longer passes from the appearance as in the past. We live in an era of continuous contamination of style: must we reflect on the proud display of marks on the body, how much do they really represent the person.

6. To look better

If a person is concerned with being the center of the universe, being seen, having pleasure, obtaining happiness, he believes that all his desires must be satisfied. He blames others at all times, wants to draw attention to himself, or wants others to perceive him. Many young people can get tattooed for just that reason.

7. To mark personal values

The person sees himself as a member of a social field, which has people playing the same game, obeying the same rules, legal and tacit, that make this game happen. Respect for these norms and values is understood and taken into account by these people who already see themselves as social agents. In this sense, the tattoo can represent these solid values, as guiding principles of conduct.

8. Addictive

Because we are all potential addicts, we can develop habits. There are virtuous habits and others that are vicious. If you were born with a genetic tendency to develop a certain behavior, you can get used to tattooing.

Various things that must be known before you make a tattoo

Maybe you’ve also thought about getting a tattoo. However, before you go to the nearest tattoo studio and roll up your sleeves, here are some important things you should know.

1. First, understand the risk of making a tattoo

If you inject any substance into your skin, there is always a risk of infection. Some risks that may occur are hepatitis, infection, or the appearance of warts. Using unsterile needles or ink can cause infection. So make sure the studio where you get the tattoo meets safety rules to keep you healthy and infection-free. Another small risk is if you are allergic to tattoo pigments.

If so, then it will be a big problem because the tattoo pigment is very difficult to remove. It is even possible to have an allergic reaction even though you have had the pigment for years. Granuloma, aka nodules, that may appear around material that the body considers foreign is also a risk. Keloids (sores that grow beyond normal limits) can also appear each time you get injured or traumatize your skin.

2. Make sure the security of the studio where you get the tattoo

You must ensure that you will be tattooed by a professional tattoo artist who knows the standard safety procedures for tattooing. Your tattoo studio must have a sterilization certification (don’t be afraid to ask if you cant see it). You should also make sure that your tattoo artist is wearing gloves. Ointments, ink, water, and other items must be returned to their place after they are used to tattoo someone.

3. Get ready for the pain caused

The level of pain you feel while you are tattooed varies from person to person. To be honest, everyone must feel pain when tattooed. However, the pain of being tattooed isn’t the kind of pain that is unbearable. Tattooing won’t feel like being stabbed or anything extreme. More like annoying pain, like a small pinch. The pain will also depend on the area of the skin to be tattooed. If you are tattooed on a thin, sensitive area of skin, or that is close to your bones or pulse, it will be more painful.

4. Make sure you have enough money

When it comes to tattoos, don’t think about frugality. Make sure you do the math ahead of time and be careful if one tattoo artist charges less than another. It’s better to pay more for an official and safe tattoo artist than for a street tattooer. Also, keep in mind, never haggle with a tattoo artist because that means you don’t respect the tattoo artist.

5. Pay attention to your health condition

It’s not the best idea to get a tattoo when you’re sick. You need your immune system to be 100 percent good. It is your white blood cells that help you heal tattoo marks. Meanwhile, if your body is busy fighting viruses and bacteria, these cells will not be able to work as they should. If you have booked a tattoo session but then fall ill, withdraw your schedule.

Also, make sure you don’t have a busy schedule for the next few days after getting a tattoo. Especially for outdoor activities. So if you are going on vacation to the beach in the near future, avoid making tattoos first. Because sunlight, sweat, and even chlorine water in the pool can damage your new tattoo.

6. Do not forget to shave before tattooing

When you are tattooed, the area to be tattooed must be shaved clean first, so you will start with plain skin. After a few days, the base of the hair will start to grow and you feel like shaving, but shaving can be fatal for your tattoo. Since your cut is fresh, shaving will increase the risk of damaging your tattoo. It’s safer if you shave when your tattoo has reached the stage of healing, so make sure you ask your tattoo artist about the healing period.

7. Tattoo removal process

Lots of people decide to make a tattoo all of a sudden because they want to, or when they are feeling impulsive and apparently later regret it. Like it or not, the tattoo must be removed. The process of removing tattoos can be very painful – like being stapled by a rubber band and then followed by a burning skin sensation. The cost also depends on the size of the tattoo. So, before getting a tattoo, make sure you have thought through all the consequences carefully.

So all in all, this tool provides greater satisfaction to all the tattoo lovers in the world. You can also use this tool and fonts for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account. It works very well while writing status on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just copy and paste in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.

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